High-quality woods

Our materials

The wood breathes and it ages. In the veins and knots skillfully carved by man, beautiful imperfections come to life. Wood lives and stays alive even after it has been cut; it changes its shades with light and responds to its environment. Each piece has its own unique history, just like us.

Natural woods

Natural scents are at the very heart of our world. Wood is a living matter with its own unique colour, scent, look and feel. Our job is to enhance its features and draw the attention to our living space.
Laricio Pine
Silver Fir

Antique woods

They are retrieved from old houses, mountain huts and barns. This wood is cleverly restored and ready to start a second life. With its unique history, it will fill our rooms with a distinctive atmosphere.
Sunburnt grey
Retro patina
Old barn
Old wooden slabs
Sunburnt brown
First Patina
Aged oak

Heated-treated woods

Obtained by treating the wood with heat and steam. The final product has distinctive aesthetic features and better mechanical properties.
First patina saw cut stained bio larch
Heat-treated Stained Larch
Bio Axed Brushed Fir
Bio Fir
Steamed Fir 70
Bio Stained Larch
Bio Larch
Heat-treated Laricio Pine
Heat-treated Oak

Special woods

The desire to create unique and attractive timbers leads to the experimentation of different treatments and techniques; these change the surface feel and look and create new and unique textures and colours.
Carbon - Haute Material
Harborica - Haute Material
Carved Gnarled Oak - Haute Material